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Company Setup in Dubai: VAT tax planning

Easily set up your company in Dubai and plan for VAT tax with expert support. Our team provides comprehensive assistance for business registration and VAT tax planning.

VAT tax planning for company Setup in Dubai

When starting a new company in the UAE and registering as a taxable person, tax planning should be considered. Each taxable person is required to register online using the FTA portal at, either directly or via a registered tax agent who will serve as a VAT advisor. With the implementation of VAT in Dubai on January 1, 2018, tax experts are required to provide qualified advice to those who have registered as taxpayers.

Why VAT Planning?

While using effective tax planning, a taxable person may reduce their tax outflow, delay their tax responsibilities, manage working capital, etc. Corporate complexity has increased over time, making good planning more and more important. Determining whether to register as a tax group for VAT registration or not, for example, is one of the prerequisites for tax planning prior to the introduction of VAT.

Services for VAT planning and advisory would comprise the following:
  • Creating a VAT plan for the UAE
  • Consultancy services for VAT
  • urging the registration of a single entity or a tax group for VAT.
  • The use of the reverse charge mechanism to imports
  • The Intra-GCC Trade Handbook
  • VAT training and education for staff

Services for VAT compliance would consist of the following:

  • Ensure that VAT returns and reconciliation are submitted on time.
  • Examining VAT data, returns, and balancing
  • Advising clients on clarifications and FTA notices
  • Representing clients in tax disputes before the FTA
  • Examining and modifying source materials

When a company's annual revenue exceeds a certain level, it must register for VAT. The statutory registration turnover barrier will be US $ 100,000 (AED 375,000), while the optional threshold will be US $ 50,000. (AED 187,500).

Registration will begin in the middle of September, Q3 2017, and will become required in Q4 2017. Please contact us right away.

VAT tax planning for new business in UAE

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